Cheater Use up, Get 70 Female sex

HONG KONG - China Media preach a man managed to deceive the approximately 70 women in the social networking site Facebook.

The women were willing to have sex with the fraudster after a troubled man with a false confession.  This man claimed to have had sex to get rid of bad luck.

Wednesday, December 15 last, a victim of fraud that reveals 15-year-old man turned out to have more than 1060 images of at least 70 naked young girl on her mobile phone.

In addition, he also has more than 10 video clips of her that was having sex with these women.

The daily proclaim the victims referred to himself as 'Ah Sze' and calling him a liar 'Ah Dick'.  Ah Ah Sze said Dick willing to pay 48,000 Hong Kong dollars, or approximately Rp55 million to have sex that he can eliminate bad luck.  So reported the Straits Times, Friday (17/12/2010).

However, 'Ah Dick' would immediately disappear after having sex without paying anything to the Ah Sze

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