Saudi Arabia Block up the Name of Morality

RIYADH - The Saudi Arabian communications department official who authorities say that they have blocked up because of the popular social networking site that are not comfortable with conservative values that applied in the kingdom.
Official Parties Saudi Arabia Communications and Information Technology Commission blocked the site on Saturday (13/11). Will see a message that says 'error' if the users in the country trying to access Facebook. Similarly, as quoted by the Associated Press on Sunday (11/14/2010).
It is said by those that content up already crossed the line with conservative values that applied in the kingdom. Blocking of these sites has not been determined how long to take effect.
Sources say this is never mention the name because he was not authorized to speak to the media.
Saudi Arabia follows Islamic teachings and commands of the religious leaders, the political impact on social policy in the country.
Countries such as Pakistan and Bangladesh also blocked for a while up in their country this year.

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