FACEBOOK Up, Best Workplace

NEW YORK - Facebook is considered not only managed to rake in 500 million people become a member on the site.  But Mark Zuckerberg founded the site was also considered as a 'paradise' for its employees.

According to a survey conducted by a career site, Facebook is the best workplaces in the United States.  Surveys conducted by Glassdoor, a career site.  Thus was launched the Digital One, Wednesday (12/15/2010).

Up on top as the best work on Southwest Airlines and management consulting firm Bain & Company.

According to Robert Bohman, chief executive of Glassdoor, employees do not feel happy when there is poor communication within a company.  And in the office up the communication went very effective and fun so that employees' become comfortable and can work a maximum.

Surveys conducted Glassdoor ask users to fill a questionnaire that asks the satisfaction of the condition of their workplace, including salaries and competence factor boss.

Other best workplaces, according to the survey were General Mills, and Edelman Public Relations consultant.  In addition, other companies such as Boston Consulting, SAS Institute, Slalom Consulting, Overstock.com and Susquehanna International Group.

The survey was conducted of approximately 150 thousand employees throughout 2010.  Companies in the survey is a company that has employees of more than 500 people.

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