Netbooks: Another Revolution in Computers

With the rapid development and ever-changing world of technology, computers were thought to be a revolution, but the demand for faster, cheaper and more efficient technologies gave birth to netbooks. Netbooks are smaller cousins ​​of laptops. They are meant only for Internet services such as web browsing and e-mail, etc. They are lightweight, compact and easy to carry laptop computers are small and very energy-efficient laptops.

netbooks further reduce the size of your computer. Pioneers first netbook ASUS has pushed the market in the name of the 2007.Model Asus Eee PC PC.Netbook smaller screen of 7 "-10" veličine.Netbook computers are smaller, but no optical drive and keyboard. Other hardware configuration includes 1 GB of RAM, 80 GB HDD, advanced configuration and power interface (ACPI ).

Netbooks are developed consume less power and have longer battery life in this world devoid of energy. They can provide internet connectivity to almost any mjesta.Materijal used in the preparation of these netbooks is very light, which makes them even lighter than traditional laptop and in combination with elegant design, they work to move to the next level.

netbooks come pre-loaded with Ubuntu Linux, but users can also install Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition.Microsoft Office applications work very well so the main goal of these netbooks are business executives who do not have time to dive deeper into more sophisticated notebooks. They are actually looking for something simple to perform their daily work.

Comparing the cost of traditional notebooks with new netbooks, netbooks are more economical option. As a normal laptop with the premium configuration will be used for well above $ 1000, however, a netbook with some basic configuration is available for $ 350. Although there were compromises in size, hardware and some applications, but in front of a rugged work, mobility and performance netbook result difficult. Over time, netbooks are bound to improve. They are a very good choice for students, entrepreneurs and executives.

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