How to Fix Common Problems Running Wine Under Ubuntu

Wine is a program that Linux users can download and use to help run Windows software in Linux environment. It is compatible with most Windows software is pretty good, but there are times you will experience some problems. No differences in the Ubuntu environment for Ubuntu Linux operating system.

If you are planning on using Ubuntu, package manager, search for wine and install the software. Wine and all its settings will appear under the Applications menu under Wine. There you will find all the software you installed with wine and all you will need to edit, and anything related to wine.

One of the largest and most common problem is that when you install a piece of software that you are going to missing DLL files. These are normally required for common processes in Windows stroj.Razlog for this is that this DLL file is assumed to be there because it is on all Windows systems. Since this is Ubuntu and not Windows, the file does not exist so something must be done.

You'll find a copy of the missing DLL datoteka.Najlakši way to do this is to check the system32 file on a Windows machine, if available. If not, you can try to download online. All you do is put it in wine in system32 file and the program should install normally.

Another not so common problem is that sometimes you can install Windows software, but it does not show in the Ubuntu menu for wine. This can be easily taken care of right clicking on the Applications menu and choose Edit menu. Just go to a selection of wines, where you can manually add any links in the program files that are required in this section.

you will find that this rarely happens anymore, but still occurs from time to time. You should know that they can put a shortcut to the program under section if you want because you do not have to go under the Wine section of the work program.

There is no doubt that problems will occur when you use wine. It's not perfect by any means. If you expect perfection from this tool, you're going to have a ton of frustration. After all is said and done, if you still want to use Ubuntu, the wine may be your best solution for Windows applications.

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