'Ancestors' up Auctioned USD30.000

SAN FRANCISCO - The FaceMash.com, the first site developed by the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, now worth USD30.000 auctioned. The auction conducted by the domain name service provider, Flippa.
economictimes, Friday (11/19/2010), launch FaceMash.com has received approximately 10 bids with the current bid reaches USD30.201 dollars.
The FaceMash.com developed by Zuckerberg in 2003 when he registered as a student at Harvard. FaceMash.com allows students to compare images of college students and provide an assessment as the woman most 'hot' on campus.

This website is brought to the attention of students and traffic to the site quickly jumped directly. But the site was immediately closed by the administrator of Harvard and Zuckerberg was expelled from Harvard.
Facemash an inspiration Zuckerberg who later founded the Facebook that has attracted more than 500 million members. This site is also included in the long history of passing up that filmed "The Social Network '.

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