There is in China's superfast computer

BEIJING - China proved to be a country with a fairly advanced technology. In the 500 list of the world's super-fast computers, China occupies the first position to surpass the United States (U.S.).

Tianhe-1, which also means the Milky Way (milky way) was crowned the fastest computer in existence on planet earth. Tianhe-1 must compete with other super computer from many countries in survey of Top 500 supercomputers at

According to the organizers of the survey, quoted by the Straits Times on Monday (15/11/2010), Tianhe-1 proved to have a computing speed reached 2.570 trillion calculations per second.

While the U.S. government's super computer that dietakkan in Tennessee, who was named the Jaguars, was second in the Top 500 because it has a speed of approximately 1.750 trillion calculations per second.

Tianhe-1 has been used as an engine of superfast thinking at the National Supercomputing Centre to the north kkota Tianjin. Apparently most of the chip that is in Tianhe-1 using chips made by U.S. companies.

Rated third place by China's other computerized system, called nebulae. This device is still used at the National Supercomputing Center in the southern city of Shenzhen.

Although supercomputers China occupies the top two ratings, but US-owned computer systems dominate a list of the Top 500. In fact, nearly half of the list occupied by US-made computerized system. While China ranked second highest with 42 super-fast computer system, ahead of Japan, France, Germany and Britain.

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