Beware of the contents of Fetal Death

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PREGNANCY! Yes, one word is the most anticipated for the couple husband and wife. Various restrictions and "obligation" for pregnant women will be thrown closest people, for the fetus in the womb were born healthy and survived. However, what if all of a sudden the fetus does not move and the stomach is not too enlarged with age pregnancy? There is what in the world?

Watch out, Fetal Death!

WHO and the American College of Obstetricians and gynecologist (2005) suggests that death occurs when the fetus in the womb at 20 weeks gestation - weight 500 grams or more. That way, the uterus will not grow anymore, magnifying will stop in accordance with the age of pregnancy when the fetus died.
While the release of the fetus at gestational age less than 22 weeks and fetal weight less than 500 grams is called a miscarriage.
"So, if pregnancy Moms over 20 weeks but the day did not feel the baby move, beware! Because a normal baby movement at least 10 times a day. Beware also of critical signs in infants. For example, before the baby is not moving at all, usually occur very great movement or vice versa, the more slow motion or weak. In addition, the pregnancy never enlarged, and the growth of incompatible pregnancy month, "said Dr. Batara Sirait SpOG of RSIA Budhi Jaya, Jakarta.
Well, when things happen at the top should see a doctor immediately. And usually, to ascertain whether the fetus in the womb is dead or not, doctors will use the tool - Ultrasonic Doppler - to examine the fetal heart rate.

For Immediate Release
If the fetus has been confirmed dead, pregnancy should be terminated! How varied, depending gestational age and size of the uterus, such as:
- Pregnancy less than 12 weeks would be curettage or vacuum aspiration.
- Pregnancy over 12 weeks will be given drugs to soften and open the birth canal so that it will come out spontaneously. If there is residual tissue left in the womb, will be followed by curettage.
- Pregnancy over 20 weeks will be the actions of labor induction.
- For cases of placenta previa, Moms who had caesarean section twice or more, or transverse fetal position, the fetus will be issued via cesarean section.
"Remember, do not let the dead fetus in the womb for two weeks.This will affect the blood clotting factors Moms. And will be fatal when Moms delivery. Because if fibrinogen (blood clotting substances) is low, then the bleeding that occurred during the delivery process will be difficult to stop, "advises Dr. Barata.

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