Gaius Moved to Rutan Cipinang

JAKARTA-Chief Justice of South Jakarta District Court, Albertina HO request for a money laundering case defendant moved to Gaius Tambunan Rutan class 1 Cipinang.
"Based on the assessment panel of judges, Gaius is less favorable if the defendant was in Rutan Mako Mobile Brigade, so the judges decided to move the defendant to a class 1 Cipinang Rutan," the judges said during the trial in the District Court of South Jakarta, Jakarta, Monday (22/11 / 2010).

In addition, the judges also ordered the Public Prosecutor (Prosecutor) to immediately move Gaius.
Meanwhile, Adnan Buyung, Tambunan Gaius attorney admitted receiving the decision of the judges because judges have become the establishment.
"The judge is authorized to determine which prisoners should be moved Gaius and Gaius was sincere," he said.

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