KPK is still oversized, Never Charged Case Gaius

JAKARTA - Speaker of the House Marzuki Alie believes bribery case Gaius Tambunan still handled the Police. The discourse took over the case by the KPK was considered inappropriate because the Commission is still busy handling cases of corruption by the hundreds.
"But frankly it's the KPK itself is oversized. Many processes in the KPK has not been handled thousands of complaints in number one," Marzuki said at the Parliament Building, Jakarta, Friday (11/19/2010).

Marzuki hope KPK focus handling cases of alleged corruption is still overdue completion. On that basis, Marzuki assess the KPK will be difficulty in allocating their time to concentrate handling cases bribes Gaius.
"KPK must work hard in other jobs related to criminal acts of corruption it must be done. If he still have time please take over from the police, if he still had time," he said.
While the alleged politicization of the case of Gaius, a member of Board of Trustees of the Democratic Party is hoping the Police immediately fully investigate alleged mafia practices law relating to detention in Rutan Mako pattern Brimob, Depok."Should the law be enforced should not be brought into the political realm, let the law run sec it should be," says Marzuki.

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