Asyifa Latif, prepare to take the Miss World 2010

Opportunity to participate in the Miss World event is something that is very eagerly awaited by, Asyifa Latif (Asyifah Syafdiningdyah Putriambami Latif), Miss Indonesia 2010. In addition to feeling happy over her, he also said they were proud because they can represent Indonesia in the international arena. Competing in the international arena in fact did not make the virgin birth, Bandung, 20 September 1988 was nervous.

What preparations are already done by him? "Over the past 3 months more of preparation, personal development and dance training as well, because I will show broadway dance. There is also the preparation of public speaking, so long as 3 months is already prepared," he said when met at preskon Miss Indonesia Goes To Miss World 2010, Flower Goela, Sudirman Central Plaza, Friday (24/09).

Miss World 2010 was itself will be held in China. Not wanting to waste the opportunity to visit China, Asyifa planning to travel to some exotic place in the Bamboo Curtain country. "To Beijing, the Mongols, and in Shanghai, then in the final I went to Sanya Island," he explained about the schedule of activities for a month with 120 contestants from other countries.

For this event, Asyifa would favor some of the skills he has, like beauty with purpose, talent shows, modeling and sports. "In the beauty purpose, I will lift the activities in the field of education is to early childhood education programs. For the talent show I'll bring my expertise to show broadway dance, modeling and for the sport I will participate in the activities of running and swimming," he explained. With the expertise he has, a sense-it's an opportunity for a virgin who is competing with other contestants in Miss World is big enough. Indonesia Today

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