Beware! Banks can not recognize the Counterfeit Money

"Counterfeiting is also quite clever. Entering through the bank," said Dir first Special Economic Criminal Investigation Police Headquarters Senior Commissioner Pol Sutawidjaya Darmawan, Kanit IV counterfeit money and false documents at a news conference at Police Headquarters in Jakarta.

Many who escaped the detection of counterfeit money allegedly due to the detector in a bank money machine is very simple. From January to August 2010, police revealed 33 cases of counterfeit money with 79 people suspected of fake banknotes as much as 58 203.

100 thousand 136 pieces: USD 2.7136 billion

50 thousand 14 479 sheets: USD 732.95 million

20 thousand shares 114 760 000 5783

5 thousand 8 sheets: USD 40 thousand.

A lot of counterfeit money is a fraction forged 100 thousand and 50. The modus operandi is to print, the print is sold then the new release. Indonesia Today

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