Bandung Air Show

Bandung Air Show beginning today held officially. Thousands of visitors directly invade this event at first day.

Bandung Air Show was officially opened jointly by the Air Force Chief Air Marshal TNI Imam Sufaat, West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan, the TNI Commander III Siliwangi Mayjewnd Pramono Edhi Wibowo, the mayor of Bandung Dada Rosada, and the West Java Police chief Sutarman, in Lanud Husein Sastranegara, Bandung, West Java, Thursday, September 23, 2010.

Air Force Chief of Staff, Air Marshal TNI said Imam Sufaat Bandung as one tourist destination city, which has a lot of potential.

"Through the Bandung Air Show (BAS) and the Creative Expo, all things become potential and progress of Bandung to be exposed so that encourages economic growth, and tourism," he said.

In addition, through the BAS, is expected to become aerospace potential container development, as a state defense force. "I hope may become an annual event that meaningful education, science, sport, tourism, and industry," he explained.

The audience in attendance, made the first captivated by the action when two fighter types 'Hawk' 100 and 200 do 'High Speed Fast', and 'Touch and Go'. The two planes piloted by Pilot Kapt Adi Brata and First Lieutenant Pilot Binggi Nobe which controls the green and Hawk 100, and Lieutenant Colonel Pilot, Tjacahya Hawk Eagle M that controls the color blue.

According to one pilot, First Lieutenant Pilot Bowo, Hawk aircraft is the latest fighter aircraft specialists more sophisticated than the F-16. "The aircraft is able to accommodate three tons of ammunition, with the speed of 400 knots, or about 800 Kilometers per hour, and even can reach a maximum speed of 1400 km per hour," he explained.

Not only that, two other aircraft, two Cessna 172 aircraft type is able to invite click amazed the audience with acrobatic action.

Toward noon, the audience once again made mesmerized by the action of the paratroopers conducted by the parachutist from Paskhas Air Force, Police, Kopasus, and others. Indonesia Today

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