Komodo Island

For those of you who love to travel, you definitely do not want to miss the impressive tourist attraction all over the archipelago. Adventure to the exotic islands, dive into the blue sea, and bathed in sunshine will make your vacation unforgettable.

Imagine, you also have the opportunity to see traces of past life are preserved, as well as contribute and maintain its sustainability. You and your family is not only home to enjoy its natural attractions, but also proud to be part of the range of the beauty of Indonesia. And here, in Komodo National Park, East Nusa Tenggara, you will get everything.

Komodo Island is located at the westernmost tip of East Nusa Tenggara Province, which borders with the West Nusa Tenggara Province. Exactly at Komodo district, West Manggarai regency, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. Since 1980, the area was used as an area of 1817 km2 National Park by the Indonesian Government, which was then recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1986. Together with two other large islands, namely Pulau Rinca and Padar, Komodo island and several small islands in the surrounding areas continue to be maintained as habitat for native reptile, dubbed the "Komodo Dragon" it.

Varanus komodoensis bears the Latin name and local name "Ora", this giant lizard, according to a story first published in 1912 in a national daily the Dutch East Indies. Peter A. Ouwens, director of the Zoological Museum in Bogor is one who has been introduced to the world of dragons through the papers. Since then, expeditions and research into this rare species continue to be done, even reportedly inspired the film had KingKong in 1933. Recognizing the need for protection of the dragons in the center of human activity in their natural habitat, in the year 1915 the Dutch government issued a ban on hunting and killing dragons.

komodo1 Thanks to efforts of government and local communities in preserving the National Park, tourists can now visit and came close look at the lives of these ancient reptiles. With a body length of 2-3 meters, Komodo dragons can weigh up to 70-100 pounds. Animals that enjoy this hot and dry places to live in the savanna or tropical forest habitat in lower elevations. When night falls, dragons nest in the holes with in 1-3 feet while keeping their body heat at night. As a carnivore at the top of the food chain, among other prey Komodo goats, deer, wild boar, and birds. In certain circumstances, can behave cannibals with Komodo dragons prey on another. With the sense of smell relies on the tongue, the Komodo dragon can smell carrion prey as far as nine miles. And its bite could contain the deadly bacteria, plus a sharp front claws are natural weapons. In addition, the Komodo dragon was able to run 20 kilometers per hour in short distances, climbing trees, swimming and even diving.

Like other reptiles, the Komodo dragon reproduce by laying eggs. However, research has shown there are other ways to regenerate dragons, namely by way of parthenogenesis. This allows the female dragons to produce fertilized eggs without the male. Parthenogenesis is alleged to have saved dragons from extinction since thousands of years ago. However, destruction of habitat, volcanic activity, earthquakes, fires, until the indicated poaching has resulted in population decline dragons extent vulnerable to extinction. An estimated 4-5 thousand dragons tail in the presence of productive females only number in the hundreds. Such conditions is a challenge for conservation efforts Komodo Island National Park.

Enjoy a tour of Komodo Island National Park with the dragons of observing life near impossible not enough for you. For those of you who like the water sports, you can try to dive in the waters north and south islands. Warm waters of northern waters is the result of the current meeting of the Banda Sea and Flores. Conversely, the cold waters south of the current offers Ocean waters of Indonesia. The second combination of these different characters waters produce a rich marine ecosystems. Various types of coral reefs and a place to live fruitful lives many fish species as well as provider of marine aquatic life support systems. Many divers have witnessed life under the sea waters of the charming island of Komodo, which stores millions of potential biodiversity.

As one of the leading tourist attraction Indonesia, Komodo Island hostels provide accommodation ranging from established local community to international standard resorts. For domestic tourists, your entrance fee of Rp. 75 000, while foreign tourists amounted to U.S. $ 15. To reach the island of Komodo, you can route a plane from Kupang (capital of East Nusa Tenggara, East Nusa Tenggara) to the town of Ende on Flores Island. Next trip followed by a minibus to Labuhanbajo which takes 10 hours. From Labuhanbajo, speedboat will take you to the Komodo Island after a ferry for two hours. Several other routes you can travel with a flight from Bali, according to the airline that serves the purpose to NTT. Various tour packages offered by tour agents seemed interesting enough to be tried for the first time you visit this island of Komodo.

Eco-tourism, announced the government on the island of Komodo National Park is expected to bring more domestic tourists / foreign countries. Not only parents, even though children should not be afraid to come and visit there. With safety regulations and tour the awake, humans and dragons co-exist in peace. And like the children, their love of dragons is the seeds that can grow their love of the wealth of the country and its history. It seems that this is the first message in the 90s never sung beautifully by Kak Seto Si KOMO through her dolls. Through the character of Si KOMO, Kak Seto dragons bring conservation messages to the hearts and minds of Indonesian children, so they are proud of the wealth of his country.

Komodo_7WondersJika Therefore, it is worthy of Komodo Island National Park would be appointed to be one of the seven Natural Wonders (7 Wonders Of Nature), side by side with a variety of other amazing wonders of the world. Traces the life of the ancient world have presented themselves to mankind today to look in the mirror to see the past history of the world. Life that has passed hundreds, even thousands of years. Through this Komodo Island National Park, the world today has a priceless heritage to be preserved. Let's support of Komodo Island National Park into one of the 7 Wonders of Nature. Thus, you have participated in an effort to introduce the Komodo National Park to the world, so that conservation is not just a concern of Indonesia, but the entire world community. Komodo Island National Park Vote for 7 Wonders of Nature. Indonesia Today

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