Capital City Moving program matured 2011

Minister for Development of Disadvantaged Regions (PDT) Helmy Faisal said the government will finalize the transfer of capital city of Jakarta to other regions in 2011.

"Jad, the problem of maturation transfer capital in the next year (2011)," he told VIVAnews after the signing of the development of agribusiness and agro-industry to accelerate the development of disadvantaged areas with the Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB), on the campus of IPB Bogor, West Java, Tuesday, September 28 2011.

Helmy said, this year it did not finalize the transfer of capital to other areas because feared the number of speculators who will buy land soil in the area.

Regarding the area to be covered into capital, he said, not only Jonggol District, Bogor Regency, Banten but Falkirk and will also be discussed.

"Karawang and Banten is the potential to be Mother of the city," said Helmy.

Meanwhile, Abdullah, Jonggol District residents strongly support the nation's capital. Because, Jonggol very strategic with other regions. Indonesia Today

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