Riots occurred in Blowfish hearing, 2 stabbed Visitors

Riots occurred again when the court case clash at nightclubs, Blowfish held at the South Jakarta District Court.

Two spectators suffered the trauma of the hand and head hit by machetes.

Hundreds of people from the supporters and opponents of the defendants involved scuffles in front of the South Jakarta District Court, Wednesday, September 29, 2010. It also seems of them carrying weapons such as machetes.

Amid the unrest, seen the two victims lying with cuts on the hands and head. They were immediately taken to a nearby hospital by taxi.

Meanwhile, in anticipation of widespread unrest, police fired warning several times. This police effort to make the middle two camps began to disperse clashing and running.

In this case, the police have set up six suspects. They are assessed to be responsible for the clashes in the club Blowfish on April 4, 2010. In the clash, two visitors were killed.

This is a tumultuous second term. The trial before some time ago also marked by unrest and several people were injured. Indonesia Today

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