Detachment 88 anti-terror, requires $ 60 M each year

Golkar Party has graded the eradication of terrorism committed the Special Detachment (Detachment) 88 Police is not matched with adequate funding. Therefore, through the Agency budget Golkar will fight for additional funding for anti-terror troops.

"The amount of funds is minimal. I know Detachment in the state budget funds only 9 billion per year. This must be addressed," said DPP Chairman of the Golkar Party Bakrie, during a press conference at the Office of the DPP Golkar, Jakarta, Monday, September 27, 2010.

According to Bakrie, the security is not a problem play. Thus, the Golkar faction will fight for additional funding in the House Detachment 88. Golkar will endeavor to fund terrorist eradication team was increased to Rp60 billion per year.

"I got information from Fraction (Golkar), Detachment takes $ 60 M per year, while it was only USD 9 M," said Aburizal. Detachment last raid post-robbery of Bank CIMB Niaga on 18 August in Medan. Later, the terrorist gang that had military training at terrorist camps in Janto, Aceh.

Aburizal emphasized that the proposed increase in funding for Detachment 88 for terror prevention performance becomes better. "Do not trouble trouble hampered anti-terror funds. Issues related to security is also related to the business economy, and so forth," said Aburizal.

In addition to funding problems Detachment, politicians who familiarly called Ical defense fund also requested a special attention of government. Ical alleged violations launch rampant encroachment area that happened lately.

"Our defense budget is small. But defense is important for maintaining state sovereignty. For this problem we can not fool around. We talk about defense equipment (major equipment of weapons systems) needs personnel and so forth," he said. Indonesia Today

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