State Administration Break Again?

Members of the House of Representatives Law Commission Topane Gayus Lumbuun suspect there are more violations of the state administration. This time, the relevant presidential decree to extend the term of office of chairman and members of the Judicial Commission 82/P/2010 number dated 30 July 2010.

"It was an act of state administration was wrong and contrary to the law of the state administration," Gayus said.

Thus, Gayus could interrupt the plenary session yesterday when discussing the prospective Commander of the TNI. According to Gayus, as an institution that has a control role, the House should reprimand related to the issuance of Presidential Decree that.

Gayus assess, against independent institutions such as KY can not be made the appointment, dismissal and an extension to the Presidential Decree is intended only for government agencies, or as a follow-up to state officials after going through a special process.

Gaius also took a sample comparison of the appointment, dismissal, and the extension of term of office of three state agencies. Like the House, KPK, and KY.

"If to the Parliament after the election. KPK (Corruption Eradication Commission) and KY after the Selection Committee and the House," said this PDI-P politicians.

Gayus rate, which should be done is through the mechanism according to the Act, namely the Selection Committee and the House of Representatives or at least with legislation (Regulation).

"Implications of fault administrative action that would potentially to the judges who had reviewed and recommended by the Judicial Commission proposed sanctions even dismissed," said Gayus.

According to Gayus, the judges were able to fight such cases Yusril Ihza Mahendra in the Constitutional Court, because the appointment of leaders of institutions that allegedly violated the provisions of the law of the state administration.

Thus, Gayus suggests "To the President to change the President's Rule as a form of returning an error state administration," he suggested. Indonesia Today

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