Fires, University of Riau exhausted

The wind is blowing hard an obstacle for firefighters to extinguish the fire in the building campus Master of Management (S2) Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) University of Riau (UNRI), Monday (9/27/2010) early days.

"We've been down 10 units of fire trucks, but the fire difficult to extinguish because the wind was blowing hard," said the Head of Extinction and Disaster Pekanbaru City Fire Department, Zulazmi, in the fire area in Jalan Pattimura, Pekanbaru, Riau Province.

He received the report of the fire at around 2:45 pm. At the time of the incident wind blowing pretty fresh, even though it was heavy rains also flushed the city of Pekanbaru.

All officers have been trying to tame "the red rooster", but high winds made the fire quickly spread throughout the campus buildings.

As a result, dozens of campus building space in the shape of the letter "U" was sold out on fire until the remaining debris.

The burning chamber, among others, office Department of Political Science, Department of State Administration and the Department of Sociology. Then, four classrooms and the library and participate journals sold out on fire. In addition, the space S1 nonreguler located on one campus buildings were also burned in the fire.

There were no fatalities in these large fires. The cause of fire and loss of material also unclear.

S2 campus building in Jalan Riau University Pattimura an old building, before most of the activities of the campus was moved to new buildings in the area of Panam, Pekanbaru. Large fires have also hit the campus in April 2007. Indonesia Today

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