Wear a mini skirt, Junior High School Girl told to change it with sarong

A female student SMPN 4 Tawangsari, initials AP, 14, was treated unjustly by the teachers counseling (BK) in school.

The reason, he was asked to replace the skirt she was wearing a sarong-owned school.

Over the incident, the AP felt ashamed and depressed. In fact, the day after the incident, she did not go to school. Manager Care Institute for Education and Community Empowerment (LP3M) Sukoharjo, Wahyono who accompanied the AP said the incident happened on Wednesday (22 / 9) can not be justified. Since the implementation of discipline in schools can be implemented by way of polite and not by coercion.

"Poor boy, he came crying shame. His return he was still wearing sarong. While her skirt was confiscated by the teacher BK, "said Wahyono told reporters in SMPN 4 Tawangsari, Friday (24 / 9).

He added that local teachers should be warned by subtle and polite way. Member of Parliament Sukoharjo Commission IV, M Samrodin directly asked for clarification to SMPN 4 Tawangsari. According to Professor BK SMPN 4 Tawangsari, Sugiman, AP, and about three other students have repeatedly get a reprimand from the school about the skirt worn, but the warning was never heeded. Sugiman said the size and how to use a skirt that violate decency and entered in violation of school rules. He pleaded not force the AP to replace the skirt. Indonesia Today

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