East Timor's U-16 national team beat Indonesia

After a 2-0 defeat of the weakest teams in the ASEAN region, Timor Leste, in the top three at Manahan Solo Stadium on Sunday [26 / 9], Indonesia is very embarassed.

In that game, Timor Leste is the newest member of the ASEAN Football Federation [AFF] dominate the game. Offensive tactics team applied the new arrivals.

Timor-Leste who captained Nicolau Fernandes directly pressing defense Indonesia since Pluit blown kick-off the referee. Various opportunities successfully obtained, but countered that goalkeeper Achmad Kurniawan Risky fall up to save his goal.

In this match the national team had two golden opportunities. In minute 15, the hard kick Ricky Alfie is still widening. Four minutes later, the kick along the ground Ricki Bardes Leurama still hit the crossbar Ramos Maxanches.

In the second half, U-16 national team trying to take the initiative to attack. However, weak coordination and communication that makes the Red and White young squad failed to create a golden opportunity.

In fact, U-16 national team must be behind it first through Fedel Santos de Araujo scored in the 19th minute. Fedel standing free in the penalty box U-16 national team without difficulty make a goal.

U-16 national team effort to catch up obstacles, because the player's stamina was running out. This condition is utilized to increase the advantage their opponents.

In the 56th minute, Rogerio Sarmento made it through two national team defender, and then trick the Achmad before make a goal. 2-0 to East Timor.

U-16 national team are disempowered by Timor Leste. Physical constraints into the cause of their failure to keep pace. Until the end, the score remained 2-0 Indonesia Today

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