Yudhoyono must resign!

One million expected masses took to the streets to commemorate the six-year rule of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono at the same time urged Yudhoyono immediately resign from office.

It was said a senior activist Petition 28 in Jakarta, Sunday (26 / 9). There are four main charges to be filed in the action which is planned to be held on 20 October. "Our main demand, lower SBY, lower prices, expel foreign invaders-occupiers (neolib companies) and Century calibaration complete scandal," he said.

Petition 28 with more than 10 mass organizations such as the BEM se Indonesia, Federation of Indonesian Peasant Union, the Alliance of Workers Mengunggat, Flag and others they held a one-year evaluation konpers SBY's government and plans to hold a large-scale action to commemorate and reduce SBY's are considered to have failed to run the government.

"One million masses on the street, that's our strength, we will besiege and if I could sit on the court (the president). We want the leader of the current government falls, this nation should be independent and sovereign," he went on again.

According to him, two things that at least the main reason the president should go down is, omission of the President on foreign enterprises that continue to take advantage of domestic natural resources and the failure of the government of SBY in investigating the case of the Century.

Furthermore, he said, on 28 September will be again held a meeting to finalize action on the Indonesian Legal Aid office on Jalan Diponegoro. Indonesia Today

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