Gunshot kills Agustinus at Laundry Wash

Police now are trying to evacuate the casualties inside the Laundry Wash. Not yet certain whether the victim died of shot. One ambulance Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) with a green colored body.

Laundry Wash Identified corpse in Tomazoa named Agustinus. Residents Kramatjati, and died from a gunshot wound in the left arm and jab the wound in the head.

The second victim was Saefudin, a resident of Kebon Nanas, born 1962, who died at the front gate of the building Medco. He suffered wounds in the head jab. One victim was killed the other is Jeff, who died in hospital.

Currently at the entrance Laundry Wash and also in front of police lines fitted Medco Building. blood stain still visible in the region.

According to the South Jakarta Criminal visible, Commissioner Nudi Satriaji, it is still doing the data collection to determine the number of victims.

"The possibility the victim could still grow. Because they tersebat in the number of hospitals," he said, Wednesday, September 29, 2010.

The second clash occurred before this mass Blowfish trial held in South Jakarta District Court. Besides using a sharp weapon, there is a use of firearms. Indonesia Today

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