Ampera Riots: Three Killed As a result of stab, shot & Arrows

An eyewitness saw a clash of events at the South Jakarta District Court that resulted in three people dead. One victim suffered a gunshot wound.

"One person was shot dead in front of the shoe store," said an eyewitness who declined to be named in the South Jakarta District Court, Wednesday, September 29, 2010.

According to him, the victim who suffered a gunshot wound that collapsed in the street directly toward Medco Building Ampera Kingdom. The victim had allegedly been killed on the spot.

"The other victims suffered injuries severe jab in front Bakmie Ampera," he said. Location Bakmie Ampera located about 100 yards from the courthouse in the same direction from the first victim.

The third dead victim was a driver who transports Kopaja one of the groups in conflict. "The driver of this Kopaja hit the arrow," he said.

Previously, the Criminal Police, Adj Jaksel Kompol Nurdi Satriaji at justifying the three victims were killed in clashes outside the courthouse. The three victims named Agustinus Romazona, Syaifuddin, and the Ceko Key. Indonesia Today

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