Guofeng steel plant relocation to Indonesia

Guofeng Iron and Steel Co. Ltd. will relocate the steel mill with a capacity of 3 million tons in from China to Indonesia and with an estimated investment of U.S. $ 1 billion.

Director General of Metal, Machinery, Textiles, and (ILMTA) The Ministry of Industry, Ansari Bukhari said the state-Tangshan, China, it intends to move the steel mills in the country of origin, residing in the city.

Guofeng in the assessment process to re-locate its new steel mill to several countries, one of Indonesia. The company is also exploring cooperation with domestic companies.

"That's why they come here to get a direct explanation from the Minister [Industry] how government support for investors, particularly in the steel sector," he said last night.

According to him, Guofeng will build a plant with a capacity of 3 million tons per year. In principle, continued Ansari, Kemenperin full support to investors, ranging from licensing, land acquisition, or support to get a supply of energy, like coal.

"Its value has not been discussed. The capacity is about 3 million tons per year. This is their new plant relocation because there was in the city and the local government requested that relocated. The Indonesian government strongly supports keingian Guofeng invest here," he explained. Indonesia Today

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