Indonesian scientists victorious in japan

Indeed a big inspiration can come from anywhere, including from the animated film for children. You probably never thought, a Japanese anime film was able to inspire an important discovery that revolutionized the unbreakable belief in the world of wireless telecommunications transmission.

But the story is what happened to Khoirul Anwar, lecturer and researcher from Indonesia who work in laboratoriom Information Theory and Signal Processing, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, in Japan.

When the urgency of having to submit a theme study to obtain research funding, Khoirul squeezing his brain. Finally the idea came also from Dragon Ball Z, Japanese animated films that often he had seen.

When Goku, Dragon Ball Z the main character, about to cast a jutsu terdahsyatnya, 'Genki Dama' aka Spirit Ball, Goku will absorb all the energy of living creatures in nature, resulting in exceptional power.

"The concept that I lower the mathematical formula to be applied to my research," said Khoirul.

And inspiration is now morphing into a paper titled "A Simple Turbo Equalization for Single Carrier Block Transmission without Guard Interval." Indonesia Today

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