Indonesian government's poor management: Shame on you Yudhoyono!

A country without the Attorney General? That, perhaps, that will be experienced by Indonesia after the Constitutional Court granted the judicial review of a small part of Law No. 16/2004 on the Prosecutor who filed Yusril Ihza Mahendra. Ah, what a poor management of this country.

Yusril said, Hendarman Supandji unauthorized became Attorney General. According to former Minister of Justice and Human Rights, the term of office Hendarman should have ended the term of office coincided with the President and other cabinet members. In fact, until recently, Hendarman still be number one in the Attorney General. Unfortunately again it is not accompanied by an assessment Presidential Decree.

About that question Yusril. And, yesterday, the Court granted the appeal Yusril. According to the Constitutional Court, the Attorney General the same term of office with other cabinet members, although Attorney General was the president's prerogative.

Ironically, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, as said State Secretary Sudi Silalahi, Hendarman rate is still valid as the Attorney General pursuant to Presidential Decree. During the Presidential Decree applies, the position of Attorney General is still attached to the Hendarman.

Ah, the chaotic model like this is actually not the first. Similar events had happened to Anggito Abimanyu. Former Head of the Finance Ministry's Fiscal Analysis was staying would be appointed as Deputy Minister of Finance. But the plan was canceled in the final seconds.

Similar fate befall Fahmi Idris. At first Chairman of the Indonesian Doctors Association is named-call will be sworn in as Deputy Minister of Health. In fact it never happened. Fahmi had to massage the chest because the President would choose someone else rather than himself. Indonesia Today

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