To save Esia, a Bakrie Company, TELKOM will be joined Although many disadvantaged

Proposed merger between PT Telkom and PT Bakrie Telecom (BTEL) a matter of time. Telecommunications companies that state owned likely would hold Esia as partners.

The plan, both companies engaged in CDMA communication technology, it will do so later there is a capital investment of BTEL shareholders, Telkom and the public.

"They (the directors of Telkom) has a presentation about the plan of cooperation with Esia," said Mustafa Abubakar, Minister of State in Jakarta, yesterday.

Exposure to Telkom's management yesterday, said Mustafa, convey the beauty contest results of the cooperation partners who are considered suitable for towed Telkom Flexi.

The results show beauty contest, the telecommunications company have a match with it Esia Flexi. Match the views of business, and the spectrum used by the ESIA.

Besides Esia, Telkom's own doing beauty contest against five other telecommunications companies, one of which is the Mobile-8. Previously, BTEL also merged with Star One, but failed.

Rizki Yanuar market analysts warn, in a merger that, Bakrie's most disadvantaged. Moreover, debt BTEL been very large. While the capacity of subscribers, Telkom more than BTEL.

Telkom president director Rinaldi Firmansyah said the proposed merger does not require any fees. Indonesia Today

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