many Indonesian researchers hijacked by Malaysia

Member of Parliament X Commission (Education Division) of the Democratic Party, Angelina Sondakh, admitted sadly increasing number of researchers with information on Indonesia to Malaysia.

"The only fastest way to overcome this, the research budget should be increased, give more welfare to these researchers," he said.

Angelina Sondakh rate, the aspect of welfare is a factor that greatly affects the existence of the researchers, so that eventually many of them prefer to work abroad, mainly in Malaysia. "I will fight in the House to raise the research budget is eroded by the regular budget, particularly in the Directorate of Higher Education (Higher Education)," he said.

Former Miss Indonesia, said researchers for the Indonesian presence is very important, because they are highly qualified human resources is expected to accelerate the transformation of the nation.

"It was so sad to hear the report, much research is not to finish because of lack or absence of charge. In fact, all research should be thorough and followed up for adoption for public or commercial purposes. Too bad if this sort of thing repeated," he said again.

Angelina Sondakh then added, he will invite his counterparts in the House of Representatives Commission X of the cross-faction, for both fight for the welfare of the researchers and increase research budgets. Indonesia Today

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