Mitchell Baker, Chief of Mozilla Firefox visit Jakarta Yesterday

Mozilla Firefox, a browser, very popular in Indonesia, appeared on the market in 2004 to challenge the dominance of Microsoft with its Internet Explorer. Founder and Chairman of Mozilla's Mitchell Baker to come to Jakarta, on Monday, September 27, 2010 last. As Mitchell said, Indonesia is important because this is where Mozilla's market share in the world. This is the complete interview with Mitchell Baker.

How Mozilla positioning himself on Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer? What's the biggest change since Mozilla released until now?

Mitchell Baker: One thing that changed is now increasingly clear that the browser is important. That does not seem obvious when we launched Firefox. That the browser is a sort of gateway to things that are hidden on the internet. Things are changing with our successful people do what is considered unlikely, from Microsoft's monopoly position into a competitive market.

The third thing is, when we started, no one believed a nonprofit organization can produce a good product. Perhaps not widely known, but Mozilla is essentially a nonprofit organization, with a characteristic build a global Internet, open and transparent, and it is important there is a browser independent. That is not tied to any other business, not built to promote other businesses.

And as you mentioned, there are more browsers at the outcome. So competition is good, not comfortable, but nice. When we started, there is one giant, Microsoft. Now we have two, or if we count the Safari, three giant companies fighting each other to control the user experience. And Mozilla is there as a sort of non-profit input on how you surf the Internet.

What happened since the era of Netscape is, when a nice feature is developed, then the others will adopt it. So we'll see a lot of nice features coming from various sources. Firefox focus is on features that make it easier for individuals to enhance their experience, adapt, and develop some sort of sense of "this is my experience" on various pages online for a variety of business models. How it all integrated, it has always been a focus for us. Indonesia Today

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