Detachment 88 Chief Fired

Police Headquarters make a mutation in the Corps officials at the Special Detachment 88 Anti Terror. Mutations are contained in confidential letter obtained by the reporter telegram STR/772/IX/2010 numbered, dated 29 September.

Head of the Corps of Special Detachment 88 Anti Terror Brigadier General M. Tito Karnavian are mutated. He transferred to the National Agency for Combating Terrorism. Substitute Tito, Commissioner Mohammad Syafii, who has been appointed as Vice at the Special Detachment 88 Anti Terror .

Director General of Criminal Investigation and the Jakarta Police, Commissioner Idham Aziz, the Deputy Chief of Detachment mutated to replace Syafii. Head of Public Relations Division of the Inspector General Iskandar Hasan claimed not to know the existence of this mutation. "It will be confirmed to the Human Resources Police," he said.

In addition to Tito, helped also join BNPT is Commissioner Peter R. Golose. Peter previously served on the Deputy Director of Special Economic. Then there is Rudy Sufahriadi Commissioner, former police chief of North Jakarta, who also joined the BNPT.

In the same telegram, also noted changes in strategic positions in the Police Headquarters. Commissioner Edwin Ike is projected to be appointed Director of Criminal Investigation Corruption. Then Commissioner Mochamad Iriawan become Director of Public Safety Maintenance Agency. Indonesia Today

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