NTSC / KNKT deployed Investigate Plane Crash Cause

National Transportation Safety Committee (NTSC / KNKT) has been deployed to investigate the cause of the collapse of the Super Decathlon airplane while maneuvering on the event which was held in Bandung Airshow Husein Sastranegara Air Field on Friday.

While the parties Polretabes Bandung already reviewing the location, but the handling is fully committed by the TNI Air Force.

"NTSC been derived to investigate the plane, while the handling is conducted entirely by the Air Force, so we just review," said Kapolrestabes Bandung Police chief Sr. Comr Jaya Husein Subriyanto at air base on Friday.

Dikemukakanbya, police only saw the scene, but for further investigations already dilaksananakan by the NTSC.

While Danlanud Husein Sastranegara Colonel Asep Adang Supriyadi ensure, after the fall of aerobatic aircraft, the flight schedule as usual, so did the BAS.

"There are no delays in flight schedules and everything works like normal because the air base also is back to normal so as not to disrupt the transportation system of the aircraft," said Asep.

For a while, the visitors BAS unable to witness the "Dynamic show" until an unspecified time limit, while the static show will still be held to entertain the people who seem crowded the area Lanud Hussein.

Airport Car evacuation Hussein, are still on alert in the area to sterilize the runway after the plane explosion. Indonesia Today

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