Happy Birthday Bandung, which the 200th

Here is the history of the city of Bandung, Paris van Java City. Prior to the path of Post Anyer - Panarukan city center is situated on the banks of the Citarum River, is now about Dayeuh conservative. At the time of making this post route, Deandels ordered that the distance of each post is the path trodden by a maximum of 60 km, with a note there are 4 sub-headings.

At each heading / sub-headings are usually made the turn horse cart puller pos.Tetapi when making lane through the area of Bandung, the position of the center of town and heading off track about 11 km, and therefore ordered Deandels Bandung regent at that time, RA Wiranatakusumah II or better known as The Dalem, to move into the city center near the point to be made.

Well, sir Regent was immediately looking for a suitable area for the new downtown. It is difficult to implement, the first since the era of ancient city is still a swamp (the former ancient lake Situ Hyang), both to find new areas that should be guided by a horoscope layout, a sort of feng sui

The place that made the new city center is the village Cikalintu, Cikapundung Valley, the area now called Cipaganti (successor to the old place). The first place he pack of Regents established the house is now a mosque Cipaganti.

But after reporting to Deandels, was Deandels not agree on the area. Then look again, met with local village whose name Pangumbahan, still in the valley Cikapundung. Why Pangumbahan village called, because first place was famous for his washerwoman who wash in the river Cikapundung. Now place it changed its name to Kebon Kawung.

Apparently the place was also not in accordance with the wishes Deandels. Mr. Regent, was looking for another place, and came to a place that is now the town square of Bandung. (According to Tatar Pasundan fengsui area qualifies as a place they will be called Galudra Ngoeploek. On 25 September 1810 diresmikanlah new city of Bandung in situ. While the old center is famous for its old-fashioned name Dayeuh (Dayeuh: City, archaic: Parents).

In its development, ditahun 1896 part of Bandung and Cimahi be the center of the Dutch military on the island of Java, then do not be surprised if a trip to Bandung and Cimahi will get a lot of military buildings from the Dutch.

In the year 1 April 1906, Bandung obtain status as GEMEENTE (municipal). Well this is the city of Bandung start date to be excellent in the archipelago. At that time there is an association whose name Bandong Vooruit. Society is a vigorous set of Bandung Bandung so earned the nickname Parisj Van Java.

The result of these efforts are still many clubs spread across the city of Bandung and its surroundings. For example, some of Jubilee Park (Castle) now Bonbin, this park extends from the first road Unisba Siliwangi until now. Ijzerman Park (Park Ganeca), Insulide Park (Taman Nusantara / Traffic Park is now), Oranje Plein (Park Scout), Malooks Park (Taman Maluku), Tjitaroem Plein (Citarum Park, now a mosque Istiqomah), Cibeunying Park North and South ( now be the place where the sale of ornamental plants). Outside there is Dago Pakar Bandung, Maribaya and his friends.

In 1920, a golden era of Bandung, economic growth is very rapid, although not everyone enjoyed it (especially natives). Until the 1940's before Japan's entry into Indonesia, the Bandung era era famous for its `normal 'some call the era of` tai kotok dilebuan' (tai chicken sprinkled with ash). In 1920 the city of Bandung include Andir airfield in the west, north of Quinine Factory, Orange Plein in the east, and Industrial Tegallega in the South.

April 1, commemorated as the anniversary vehicles, because they will be on Bandung in 1906 obtained its status as Gemeente (municipality / municipalities).

In early 1997, held a seminar that his decision to change the anniversary of vehicles to be on 25 September. Date 25 September 1810 is the date of removal from the Bandung district administrative center Dayeuh Square conservatively to Bandung now.

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