Raped but did not dare to tell

Under death threats, a housewife, call it Semoks (30) forced to serve the depraved lust BS (33) who came to visit to her home.

Semoks not dare tell you the rape to her husband, DD. How can it be revealed?

Bintan police chief, John AKBP Widodo, through Kapolsek Gunung Kijang, AKP Edwar Palis, shows actors BS before reporters on Friday (09/24/2010).

According to Edward Parlis, the incident happened on Saturday (09/11/2010) at around 23:00 pm last.

At that time, the victim Semoks from Galang Batang village, the village of Gunung Kijang, Gunung Kijang District, Bintan is visited by actors BS (33), a resident of Barek Motor. "At that time, DD, the victim's husband was not home," he said.

He said the incident was fairly quick. When BS knocked on the door, Semoks only with his son who was five years old. Semoks open it without the slightest suspicion.

"Semoks thinks that her husband knocked on the door, so the door was immediately opened Semoks," said Edward mimicked Semoks explanations when questioned.

Once the door was opened Semoks, BS straight in and hugged Semoks then shut as he ordered Semoks Semoks to not fight and scream, because if it is done then the BS directly threatened to kill Semoks.

Feeling threatened thereby, immediately comply with a request Semoks BS, until there was a rape in the living room Semoks residence. "After do the immoral act, the BS immediately run away," Edward explained.

Nevertheless, Semoks reluctant to report this incident to her husband by reason of fear of being scolded. Until finally, BS actors actually told his actions to his friend, call it ABK.

ABK was compatriot with a couple Semoks-DD, and he tell this to the husband.

"That's where this case was revealed, until the victim and her husband and ABK reported to Mapolsek Mapolsek," he explained.

Edward ordered Kanit Reskrimnya to pick up the perpetrator. "We had our BS secure in Gunung Kijang Police Headquarter," said Edward. Indonesia Today

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