Nurdin Halid: Indonesian Premier League, is the destroyer of Football League in Indonesia

Chairman of the Football Association of Indonesia (PSSI), Nurdin Halid, consider the implementation of the Premier League Indonesia (LPI) as an intruder league in the country.

If someone has a good idea in the implementation of competition in Indonesia, according to him, should join the management of All Indonesian Football Association (PSSI). And, not even held a league outside the PSSI.

"It's called a troublemaker. Therefore, if they have a good idea, then the PSSI is ready to accept and implement, not even held a competition outside of PSSI, "he said.

It is said, if management develop LPI was a good idea, he as the Chairman of the PSSI will facilitate. While associated with the request to implement the LPI that was held outside the PSSI, Nurdin assume that it is a lie. The reason is, if there is a competition that was held in Indonesia, PSSI would be involved.

"If Indonesia does not have competition under the auspices of PSSI, it was a lie. And it is a hoax, "he added.

He asserted, "In principle we would not recognize the tournament or competition that did not receive a recommendation from PSSI. PSSI's official competition is still Indonesian Super League. "

In addition, PSSI will also provide sanctions against the clubs who took part in the tournament. "We will impose sanctions, we even remove it from membership in the PSSI," he added.

As is known, was initiated LPI oil businessman Arifin Panigoro. LPI Plan ditangapi Kro-cons. Persik Kediri The management was not interested to follow the Premier League Indonesia (LPI), which initiated the oil businessman Arifin Panigoro. Persik squad only focus to follow the match on the Main Division.

"Despite the lure of each club will get help to Rp 2 billion, Peach is not interested to come along. In addition, the possibility materialized LPI is also very small, "said Barnadi, Persik general secretary. Indonesia Today

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