Yudhoyono Inaugurated New TNI Commander 15:00 PM

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on Tuesday, at the State Palace, Jakarta, will inaugurate the Admiral Agus Suhartono as the new Commander of the Indonesian National Army (TNI).

According to information from the Bureau of Press and Media Presidential Palace, the event's inauguration Agus Suhartono replace Gen. Djoko Santoso who retire will be held at 15.00 pm, Tuesday (28 / 9).

The event's inauguration will be attended by ranks of the TNI chief of staff, namely the Chief of Staff Army Gen. George Toisutta and TNI Air Force Chief of Staff Marshal Imam Sufaat.

Currently, the Chief of Staff of the Navy is still held by Agus Suhartono.

House plenary session on Monday, September 27, 2010 unanimously approved the appointment of Agus Suhartono as Armed Forces Commander. The new military commander by Parliament is expected to finalize the agenda of institutional reform within the military as a whole.

All factions in the House of Representatives approved Agustin as the only candidate put forward by President Yudhoyono after the fit and proper test which was held on September 23, 2010. Indonesia Today

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