Southeast Asia is a Region Key: Facebook

Social network Facebook will make Southeast Asia a key region for global development. This week, Facebook has just officially opened a branch office in Singapore which will handle sales in the Southeast Asian region. As unquoted by the site ZDNet, up expect this sales office will play a significant role in support of their global sales strategy.

"Two years ago, we translate our site into other languages, including several Asian languages. Now we begin to translate into several dialects, and we continue to see growth is so rapid. In Asia, we continue to see acceleration is very encouraging," said Blake Chandlee, VP & Commercial Director (APAC, compact & CEEMA), Facebook, quoted from ChannelNewsAsia.

According Chandlee, Facebook identified the four major regions of the world experiencing rapid growth, namely North America, EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), Asia and Latin America. Four area dubbed the 'four great theater. "

"Asia is experiencing the fastest growth among the other big theater. Asia has several countries that experienced growth up the fastest." Chandlee said one of them is India.

Meanwhile, Facebook has three million users in Singapore. However, Singapore will only be a starting point for entry of up to Asia. They also are considering plans to open several other offices in the Northeast Asian region.

There was no definite information whether Facebook is also planning to open a branch office in Indonesia or not. Clearly, Indonesia is one of the biggest Facebook users in the world, after the United States and Britain.

Site CheckFacebook estimates, there are more than 26 million Facebook users in Indonesia, only a thin adrift of the 27 million Facebook users in the UK.

In addition to sales offices in Singapore, previously up also has offices in Tokyo, Japan, Malaysia, and Hyderabad India. However, Japan and Malaysia offices only focus on the development and engineering, while the India office is the support center.

Own marketing office in Singapore will be headed by Stephen Dolan, Commercial Director, up to Singapore and Southeast Asia. Previously, Dolan was the Microsoft team that handles the advertising in the Asian region. Indonesia Today

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