Tanjung Priok Mystery

An underground hole was found in Tanjung Priok railway station. These findings related to excavations being carried out archaeological research team from the University of Indonesia and Gajah Mada University in the place.

According to the Head of the Cultural Office of North Jakarta City Government, Nanny Ophir Yaniv, excavation today entered the sixth day.

During this growing issue is the basement is a bunker and tunnels that connect to the Seribu Islands.

"I do not dare to say that what the room, which certainly do exist in the basement there," said Nanny.

According to Nanny, actual information about the existence of the basement under the Tanjung Priok Station has been known since a long time, but the discourse to conduct new research developed after the station was renovated in 2009. Earlier, Tanjung Priok Station which is a rundown condition and historic sites are often used as a homeless shelter.

"Tanjung Priok Station was built by the Dutch government as a pilot project for stations in the Netherlands," said Nanny again. "Based on the research while, once in front of the station is now the Port of Tanjung Priok is one station again." Indonesia Today

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