Tarakan Riots: Residents were evacuated to the Tarakan naval base

Locals who did not participate in the two ethnic clashes in Tarakan, East Kalimantan, were evacuated.

"Some residents have evacuated to Lantanal (Naval)," said Chief of Public Information Division Police Headquarters Police Commissioner Marwoto Soeto when contacted, Wednesday, September 29, 2010.

The location of refugee camps is the same place when clashes first broke out on Monday, September 27 early morning local time. Currently, residents were still huddled in refugee camps.

This morning clashes triggered because there is dissatisfaction of camp victims were killed when clashes first. Kubu people killed, Abdullah, felt charges had been filed has not been fulfilled by the stronghold of ethnic immigrants from Bugis, Sulawesi.

According Marwoto, officers have not been able to secure those most likely to be the provocateur in the clashes this morning. The atmosphere is still tense. "If we make the effort force. It is impossible. We can not arrest people when the event is happening today," said Marwoto. Indonesia Today

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