Tidung vs. Bugis part 2 this morning in Tarakan

Police Headquarters re-justify the clash broke out in Tarakan, East Kalimantan. This morning clashes triggered by the dissatisfaction of camp victims were killed, Abdullah, who is a native citizen of the ethnic Tidung.

"The information (MH) is still tense. This morning they were demanding and not yet satisfied. Although there was a meeting a few times," said Chief of Public Information Division Police Headquarters Police Commissioner when contacted Soeto Marwoto, Wednesday, September 29, 2010.

According Marwoto, this time the incident was triggered aftermath of the clashes last week. Kubu Abdullah, who is a native citizen of the collapse is still not received the death toll.

"The demand from Abdullah's camp stuff. But community leaders have collected remains still not satisfied," said Marwoto.

Clashes occurred between ethnic Tidung with ethnic migrants from Sulawesi, Bugis. Clashes began from beating the child victims of Abdullah, Abdul Rahmansyah, by five people on Sunday, September 26, 2010 at 22:30 pm. At that time Abdul Rahmansyah Korpri crossing in the complex.

Suddenly, Abdul Rahmansyah intercepted five strangers. "Beaten, injured and hospitalized in Tarakan," said Deputy Chief of Police Public Relations Division, Gen. Pol I Ketut Yoga Ana Luckily, yesterday.

After that, Monday, September 27 at 00.00 WITA parents Abdul Rahmansyah, Abdullah along with six other Tidung trying to come to his son. Commotion broke out. "In the incident that killed one man, Abdullah," said Untung Yoga.

Information obtained this morning, police had issued a warning shot at the scene. "Yeah this morning clash at Banyan and Tarakan Plaza," said First Brigadier Didi, Tarakan district police officer when contacted this morning. Indonesia Today

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