Armed terrorist in North Sumatra surrender unconditionally

And one of the nine members of armed groups who hunted in the District Dolok Masihul, Bedagai Serdang, North Sumatra, was arrested after surrendering to the citizens. Chair Mohammed allegedly was unable to survive in the jungle palm plantations that surrounded the police.

Muhammad Chair was taken to Police Headquarters Sector Dolok Masihul in weak condition. Upon arrival at the police station, 36-year-old man was taken to the police chief Adjunct Commissioner Dolores Masihul Son Jani Antique. A number of journalists were not allowed to cover.

Suspect Mohamed Chair Widiyanto first discovered. Widiyanto said the suspects came to their village on the banks of the river Dusun Pondok Seberang, Dolores Masihul.

After review, the police gave food to Muhammad Chair. The plan suspect was taken to North Sumatera Regional Police Headquarters for further examination. Indonesia Today

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