Indonesia is not a country for immigrants

Directorate General of Immigration Ministry of Justice and Human Rights to tighten regulations on the handling of illegal immigrants coming into Indonesia.

Circular Letter of the Director General of Immigration Number: F-1297-IL.01.10 September 30, 2002 which regulates the handling of foreign migrants or refugees are no longer judged according to contemporary conditions.

Therefore, DGI DGI has issued Regulation No. IMI-1489.UM.08.05 September 17, About the Handling of Illegal Immigrants to tighten the increase in illegal immigrants to Indonesia.

"All illegal immigrants are subject to immigration act after be identified, made an official report. If found illegal they will be incorporated into home detention was Director General of Immigration," said the Head of Public Relations Directorate General of Immigration, MJ Baringbing, told reporters in the building DGI Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, Jakarta , Wednesday, September 29, 2010.

According to him, if illegal immigrants expressed a desire to seek asylum for some reason, can not be deported. In addition, immigrants can not be disputed during Indonesia's residence permit if you already have a certificate Attestation Letter or as asylum seekers from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugee (UNHCR).

"But if a statement seeking asylum and refugee status from UNHCR UNHCR is not found in Indonesia, they remain subject to immigration and permanent coordination with the UNHCR and other international organizations dealing with refugee issues," explained Baringbing.

Then, said Baringbing, if there are immigrants who want to return to his country, then the parties will facilitate the immigration of those immigrants immigration.

Based on the data held by the Directorate General of Human Rights, the period from January to July 2010, the total number of immigrants who arrived in Indonesia there are 3434 people. A total of 843 are refugees, asylum-seekers while the rest is 2591.

Afghanistan became the country of origin of immigrants to enter Indonesia's most lots. Based on the data of the UNHCR, there are 1906 immigrants and 280 immigrants asylum seekers refugee from Afghanistan to Indonesia.

Baringbing assert tighter immigration rules related to illegal immigrants is to assert that Indonesia is not a container country of immigrants. "Indonesia is not a shelter immigrants," he said. Indonesia Today

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