West Papua Chaos: Citizens Attacked Wamena Airport Police Headquarter this morning

Police Headquarters Sector kppp Wamena Airport, Monday, October 4th around 08.00 Eastern Indonesian Time, attacked dozens of people suspected of Indigenous groups in Papua. Massa attacked with stones and arrows.

Jayawijaya police chief Adjunct Commissioner Sumerta I Gede Jaya affected pitch and teeth broken. Glass-glass broke police station were also destroyed.

From the data collected, until now unknown, the public trigger an attack. However, the mass number of dozens of people suddenly had to take action with a number of stone throwing.

Members of the Police who then was in police, cash shocked, and trying to muffle the mass action by issuing a number of shots into the air. Massa had to stop the action and left the police headquarters. Unlucky for the police chief, he was hit by the throw until his teeth broken.

"The community groups also have one of the wounded, is still in care at local hospitals," said the source who reluctantly called his name.

Head of Public Relations Papua Police, Comr Wachyon when confirmed, is not willing to lift his cell phone, although there was a dial tone. But, from the latest information, the situation in Wamena is the capital of Jayawijaya, has been re-conducive. Although a number of schools near the airport had to stop their activities. Of the group of attackers, until now no one has been arrested.

Jayawijaya police chief I Gede Sumerta Jaya, when his cell phone to call, also not willing to lift.

Assault police headquarters for the many times this happened in the past month. Experienced the most severe attack police HQ Silver Overlay, Deli Serdang, North Sumatra, which was bombed by armed gangs. Indonesia Today

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