Cheap Houses for the People

State Savings Bank Tbk (BTN) in cooperation with the Ministry of Housing will provide housing finance liquidity facility for the lower classes of society.

This program will be rolled out October 1, 2010. The form is a type Prosperous Healthy Home (RSA) and the Prosperous Flats Property (Rusunami) and the funds will be disbursed Rp 1.2 trillion to Rp 202.5 billion RSA and to Rusunami.

For RSA, the estimated price of USD 50 million per unit. As for Rusunami, the estimated price of USD 135 million per unit. RSA that will be released around 24 thousand - 26 thousand units throughout Indonesia, including Medan. While Rusunami only in Jakarta, explains the Director of Consumer BTN, Irma A Zahiruddin.

How is the condition? For RSA, there are three conditions: The purchase of this house is the first house for prospective buyers, salary does not exceed Rp 2.5 million per month, house prices range from USD 55 million - USD 80 million.

As for Rusunami, the maximum income potential buyer is Rp 4.5 million per month. Maximum price for this program range from USD 165 million - USD 170 million.

Houses are sold with mild installments and interest on the loans below 10 percent. Indonesia Today

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