Killed because CellPhone

Switch the phone in the rain in the open could be dangerous. A resident Ngabab Village, District Pujon, Malang Regency was killed by lightning on Tuesday (28 / 9) afternoon. There is suspicion that the phone in his pocket who became the target of lightning.

The incident that happened to Lewis it is the umpteenth time this has happened in Malang. Before this man 35 years dead, Mulyono, 35, a search of grass origin Tulungrejo Village, District Donomulyo, also lost his life after hit by lightning when it rains.

Ngabab Village Head, Amin Afandi, explaining that afternoon Lewis and Rahmat are looking grass for cattle food. However, before the sack full of grass, a sudden heavy rain fell. A moment later, two men are running to a bamboo hut in the middle of the moor. Due to increasingly heavy rain, they did not dare come out and stay in the cabin. Moreover, the lightning that kept grabbing around his hut, making them even more frightened. However, only a few moments shelter, lightning grabbed the hut. Both men were immediately uprooted. Apparently, Rahmad just fainted. After a few moments later he realized and found his charred.

His chest burned, as well as phones that are still stored in his pocket. The phone had been destroyed, with parts and the casing apart.

Rahmat then tried to wake his partner. However, useless, until being shaken Lewis was not moving. He was sure his partner was killed.

"Both of them got hit by lightning snapped. However, only Lewis who was killed instantly, while Rahmad survived despite fainting, "said PPA Lisnaryadi, Kapolsek Pujon, Wednesday (29 / 9).

Rahmat also said that, once awakened, he immediately took the initiative to wake the victim, which is thought to still unconscious or asleep. Apparently, the victim could not be woken digerak though his body was moving.

At that time, said Rahmat, the victim's chest and there are scratches visible charred black. "HP was still bagged also destroyed," said Rahmat who claims to hear the cell phone rang just before lightning strikes.

Aware that his friend could not be awakened, Rahmad ask for help the farmers in the rice fields carrots around to bring his friend to the clinic. At the clinic that, Lewis is alleged to have been killed.

Well, this charred mobile phone, making people around have another version about the cause of death of Lewis. They suspect, with heavy rain accompanied by lightning, the victim again busy fiddling with his cell phone. Now, HP is the real target of lightning.

"It could be like that. The proof, his cabin is not damaged, but the victim is in it, even a lightning strike, "said Amin.

Meanwhile, mobile experts in Malang, Subari, admitted a number of the trust, the signal on the phone can be a conductor (electrical conductor), so that became targets of lightning. According to Subari, previously there have been cases of people struck by lightning while using cell phones.

"But, until now there has been no empirical tests related to it. Just a suspicion only, that wave in the mobile phone could become a conductor, so that could attract lightning come, "said Subari.

Indeed, some time ago, there were several cases of deaths due to lightning shock that occurs when the victim was using a cell phone. For example, in July 2009, two residents of Aceh were killed by lightning when both talk on cell phones.

While BMG staff in Karangploso Station Climatology, Malang regency, Rahmatulloh Adji, acknowledged that the transition periods such as now, the rain accompanied by lightning are often going to happen.

Hot and sunny conditions during the daytime, it could be a sign that will happen rain accompanied by lightning during the afternoon.

"If the morning and afternoon was very hot, there were signs of cumulus nimbus clouds. This cloud that potentially bring rain accompanied by lightning, "said Adji. Indonesia Today

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