Guaranteed MRT Will not stagnate like Monorail

Project Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) is believed to not be stagnant like Monerel currently dormant. For both these projects have a very fundamental difference.

Differences are mainly on the concept of development. "The MRT project G to G. This means that government to government between the Government of Indonesia to Japan. The project is funded by Japan and pendanaanya already there," said President Director of PT MRT Jakarta Tribudi Rahardjo.

While the monorail project, said Tribudi, his approach is more to the B to B or business to business. The project is funded purely by the private sector. "Currently, the monorail project stalled due to funding difficulties," he said.

Tribudi said the MRT project is already initiated since 1985. But only realized in 2005. "This project was not run due to financial problems. Now was there a commitment from Japan, can walk. Moreover, Vice President (Boediono,) requesting accelerated," said Tribudi.

So, said Tribudi, despite changes of government or the transfer of capital, even if the project was still road. "It's already committed G to G. All of the schedule will be operational 2016," he said.

MRT project will be built two corridors. Namely from South to North and West to East.

For the first corridor south to north will be built before a corridor of Lebakbulus - Kampong Bandan.

In this corridor will be built before the first stage of the Roundabout Lebakbulus HI. There are seven stations between Lebakbulus and Block M located at ground level. Six others, ranging from Al-Azhar to Roundabout Hotel Indonesia, located in underground or subway.

Phase two of the HI Roundabout to Kampung Bandan will be built after the first phase is completed.

Then, two with lane corridor east to west, extend from Balaraja until Cikarang. However, construction of this corridor that will pass through two Kalideres, Grogol to Kelapa Gading to be built new in 2020. Indonesia Today

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