The CIA went into West Papua via WWF

Benja Mambai, Program Director of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Sahul Papua, said that in the near future will form a team together with various parties in analyzing the area of high conservation value forests in some parts of Papua.

"We are currently preparing the team together and will work on the initial or second week of October to examine the matter," he said in Sentani, Papua, on Saturday.

According to him, the team will involve various parties such as from academia, government and experts and scholars.

"This team together from various parties who are competent, and is awaiting a decree (SK) from the Government of Papua and West Papua," he said.

He argues, there will be a meeting with experts and specialists from various disciplines to prepare everything related to the purposes and needs of the field later.

"Before we would have a meeting with experts and specialists to identify and prepare a variety fererensi perception," he said.

Mambai explained, WWF is committed to always open up and share knowledge or reference to any party. Especially from college (PT) and cooperate with government officials in conducting various research or analysis in the field, so that the various processes of capacity building and knowledge can be directly pentransformasian occur.

"We are committed to always cooperate with any party that cares about the forest, so not only from our staff (WWF, red) who know and understand but can also be intelligibility and applied by staff from government and various PT in conducting various research or field analysis , "he said.

Fourth kabupten will do research or study in detail there is in the province of Papua and West Papua Jayapura, Asmat district, county and district Tambrauw MAPI.

The formation of this joint analysis team to follow up the outcome of the workshop which was conducted by WWF Sahul Papua cooperate with the Department of Forestry and Conservation of Papua province that lasted for two days and ended on Friday (1 / 10) with the title of the vegetation type classification system and study presented initial results of the region high conservation value in New Guinea.

The workshop involves 26 people from government representatives to share the Papua and West Papua, the Government District, Unit Ministry of Forestry, representatives of universities and civil society representatives with resource persons from academia, a biologist and NGOs

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