Ghea Panggabean rocked the Rome fashion show

Collaboration leading designer fashion show with a performance artist Ghea Panggabean Martinus Miroto dance spectacular about 500 spectators who attended the event "The Splendour of Indonesia" at Hotel Sheraton, Rome, on Thursday (30 / 9) night.

"Very beautiful," said Nathalie Gavotti In Castellaro, one of the citizens of Rome who was amazed by the beauty of fashion design Ghea Panggabean combined with the performance of dance artists and Miroto Basalamah Monique dances that bring the "Spirit of Java".

Indonesian performing arts combined fashion show was held in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of Indonesia Embassy in Rome held. The event begins reception hosted by Ambassador in Rome, and Mrs. Mohammed Oemar, who welcomed guests from various circles including the Roman city government, business and fashion world in Rome.

Appear to be present in the reception ceremony at the Vatican Ambassador Suprapto Martosetomo with Ina Suprapto, director and vice ITPC Milan, Mundo and Beautiful Dwiadni and MICE Director of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of RI Nia Undoubtedly as well as representatives from Kedaung Group, James de Rave.

Embassy in Rome an event held in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism started with the appearance of the work clothing fashion school students Accademia Internationale d `ed` Alta Mode Arte del Costume, Koefia.

Bianca Cimiotta Lami from Koefia very impressed with the fashion show event combined with the performance of Indonesian traditional arts such as dance dance.

"Very interesting," he said, adding that one unique show blends fashion show and cultural performances such as dance dance, and she felt honored to be part of the event.

Meanwhile, general manager Adriano Franchi AltaRoma interested in the appearance of "fashion show" combined with a performance art form of dance dance. "One thing that is unique," he said.

The same was conveyed Arturo Cerulli of the Comune of Monte Argentario, the regional head office in the Italian seaside town who married to Indonesian women hoping to hold similar events in their regions.

"I wish I could also promote Indonesia in his homeland in Monte Artentario, one tourist destination in Italy," he said.

Meanwhile, Ambassador to Rome, Mohamad Oemar feel proud of the richness of cultural diversity including the "fashion" by displaying works of Ghea Panggaben that appear on the sidelines between the Milan Fashion Week in Milan, Italy.

He said Ghea Panggabean is one of Indonesia's leading designer working for 30 years in the fashion world with the art collection of various designs and remain consistent with his work that elevates the various ethnic cultures of Indonesia.

Fashion shows in Rome activities carried out in a series of evening receptions RI-65 anniversary at the Hotel Sheraton, Rome, who were entertained by the art of musical instrument that was delivered Sasando Tennis Nicodemus was expected to enhance the positive image of Indonesia as well as expand the scope of bilateral cooperation Indonesia and Italy.

Meanwhile, Ghea Panggabean Embassy in Rome expressed their appreciation with a main effort fashion design results promote Indonesia to take part in two of Milan and Rome.

Exhibition held on the sidelines of Milan Fashion Week in Milan earlier also enthusiastic acclaim not only from the world of fashion industry but also from various groups with a direct purchase clothing designed by Ghea.

In the event that the model fashion show and models from the Italian side by side with Indonesia's top model among Agisca Diyose, Nadine Chandrawinata, Paula Verhoven, and Prinka Cassy brings Ghea Panggabean ethnic fashion design. Indonesia Today

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