Fishermen of Jimbaran

Although Jimbaran has now turned into the home of a number of the finest luxury hotels in the world, its original color as a fishermen village still remains especially with the hectic activities of fishermen along the beach. Unlike many other coastal areas in the island that have totally turned from fishing villages into tourist spots crowded with umbrellas, hawkers and surfboards, Jimbaran exploits its natural potential as a fishermen village with the establishment of ranks of seafood restaurants serving the freshest fishes and other crustaceans.

Thanks to the fishermen in Jimbaran, the place is now known to be the heaven of the finest seafood (both raw and processed) in Bali. In doing their activities, the Balinese fishermen in the area use the same boat all over the island, which is a narrow outrigger – home made, easy to launch, easy to fix, cheap to make and very stable. These small boats don’t sail too far from shore and the proximity to resort hotels provides a handy market. The fresh captures are straightly delivered to the fish market (Kedonganan Market), which is also located on the beach, to later be bought not only by residents from Jimbaran and thereabouts (including Denpasar) but also a lot of the island’s finest restaurants.

The beautiful white-sandy beach on the northern edge of Jimbaran would be full with the colorful traditional boats, the fishermen and their nets as they moor after fishing in the morning and afternoon. Only one or two fishermen usually go to the sea, while many men will be on standby to help the fishermen dragging the boat onto the sand. The women will help with placing the fishes to the washbasin before taking them to the market.

In the night, both tourists and residents often flock to Jimbaran to enjoy the fresh seafood on the beachside restaurants. Indonesia Today

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