Bali street food

Explore the uniqueness and typical street food in Bali, where you can find many delicious fares that are still fresh and have original taste. The way these delicacies are prepared and presented may not be as nice as those served in fine restaurants, yet the taste and quality of street food are not that bad. In fact, there are cases when several items of street food could go overtopping the ones in fine restaurants; let’s face it, not all ’nicer’ restaurants serve good food, both in taste and quality.

Of the many street foods offered in Bali, sate (satay) would be the most popular one. Sold on a street-sided cart, this food can be smelled even from a block away. Variations of meat pinned and barbecued on bamboo sticks include chicken, beef, pork and goat with peanut or soy sauces. Due to the thick smell and smoke produced during the barbecuing process, sate vendors can be easily spotted.

Another local food widely available and popular on the street sides is bakso (meatball soup). Bakso is usually served in a bowl, just like soup, with noodles, cabbage, tofu, celery cuts, fried charlotte and eggs. To spice it up, additional sauces like chili, tomato and soy are usually used.

For the appetizer, you can try the local fruit salad (rujak). Rujak consists a number of tropical fruits (such as kedondong, bangkuang, papaya, pineapple, mango and sweet potato) all sliced and mixed with a typical sauce that is made from brown sugar, chili and tamarind. Since the fruits used are not too ripe, the taste of rujak would be a bit sour.

It is easy to find the vendors of the street food: wherever there is a crowd, there would be street food vendors. A vendor with a lot of customers should be a good sign, indicating that the food served tastes good. Since almost all of the street foods are served when they are hot, the hygiene of these foods is also definite as hot food can eliminate germs and other microscopic bugs. However, since many street food vendors do not supply their customers with the facility to wash your hand (not even tissue), it is advisable that you bring along hand sanitizer or any other anti-bacterial wipes with you – just to play it safe. Indonesia Today

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